Metal Stair SystemsIf you need portable aluminum stairs for access to modular buildings, construction trailers and temporary offices, REDD Team’s metal stair systems, walkways, and ramps are the ideal solution. Our access products are cost-effective, configured to meet your building code regulations, and provide for simple and painless installation.

Metal stairs, ramps and platforms are practical for temporary use at construction sites and provide access to sloped surfaces and other surfaces where they can be anchored. Potential uses include bridging uneven terrain, access to building levels, road and rail embankments, gravel pits, retaining walls, and for hilly terrain.

Aluminum stairs can serve as temporary access stairways or be permanently installed as fixed industrial stairs.

They have many advantages over wood, steel and masonry stairs in a wide variety of applications from commercial buildings and recreational facilities to oil, gas and mining operations to modular buildings and schools.

We design our stair systems to meet a variety of building codes; however, we recommend that your local architect or building code officials review our specifications to ensure that you comply with your municipality’s unique code modifications.

REDD Team aluminum stair systems meet or exceed OSHA and other codes, and include:

  • Dura-Grip OSHA Stairs – This aluminum stair is designed for modular buildings, field offices and construction trailers. It weighs 125 to 155 pounds, with landings and stairs designed for a live load of 100 pounds per square foot and a concentrated load of 300 pounds. Based on code, they are available with two to four steps ranging between 25 ½ inches and 35 inches and feature open risers. The landing width is 40” x 60” with 32” tread. The Dura-Grip OSHA system has a slip-resistant, self-draining interlocking aluminum deck.
  • Flex-Step OSHA Stairs – This adjustable stair is primarily designed for construction trailers and field offices. The system weighs 120 pounds, and is designed for a live load of 100psf and a concentrated load of 300lbs. The threshold is 28” or 35” and features field-reversible handing. It features a durable slip-resistant and self-draining deck. A Grip Strut surface is available, making it ideal for walking/ working surfaces where mud, ice, snow, grease, oil or detergents create slippery or hazardous conditions.
  • Dura-Grip General Code Stairs – Meeting IBC and ADA regulations, these General Code-compliant Dura-Grip stairs provide safe access to site-built and modular buildings as well as portable classrooms. Landing width is 60” x 60” with 53” tread, and the total weight is between 249 and 265 pounds. These stairs can be assembled for left, right, or perpendicular access with 3 or 4 steps and 34” handrails. The stairs are slip-resistant and feature a self-draining deck.
  • Universal Stairs – Our Universal aluminum stairs meet a variety of codes, including BOCA, SREF and IBC. They provide portable access between scaffold or construction site levels, building stair towers, and to both site-built and modular buildings. Very cost-effective, they are modular and can be easily dismantled and reconfigured for other applications. Smooth, continuous handrails make them easy to use. Landings are prefabricated in typical 5’x 5’ sections. They are constructed for a uniform live load of 100psf and concentrated vertical load of 300 pounds. Treads are prefabricated in typical 4’-2” width with ADA-compliant nosing.

Our REDD Team manufacturing accuracy reduces any misalignment problems during field installation. Modular stairs and other systems have a minimum of parts and can be assembled in less than 10 minutes with slip-in rails and legs.

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