Aluminum Platforms And RampsAluminum platforms and ramps are indispensable for people with restricted mobility because they provide safe access to elevated or hard-to-reach areas.

REDD Team access solutions can improve safety in a wide variety of environments with metal stairs and platforms, crossover stairs and adjustable work platform porches to meet any architectural need.

REDD Team is a leading national manufacturer of exceptional code-compliant aluminum access products, such as the Universal Wheelchair Ramp System, the Dura-Grip General Code Stair, and other high-quality solutions that are designed to meet your architectural needs.  Our products are fabricated with only the finest aluminum and stainless steel components and can be engineered to meet many other code requirements as required.

Our Universal Wheelchair Ramp System is a popular product that provides ADA compliant wheelchair access to portable classrooms and site-built and modular buildings. With the ease of mobility, long life cycle, and modular aluminum components, the system can be easily relocated and reconfigured according to your need.

Along with its counterpart the Universal Stair, the Universal Wheelchair Ramp System provides safe and low-maintenance wheelchair accessibility solutions.


  • Smooth, continuous handrails and a slip resistant walking surface for safe and easy access.
  • Non-corrosive and non-combustible.
  • Adjustable heights and slopes available for versatility in permanent or re-locatable installations.
  • Fast and easy installation – no field welding is required.
  • Re-locatable and reconfigurable for the best value in a handicapped ramp system.
  • Minimal assembly for a fast installation.
  • Each unit warranted for wear and durability.
  • A durable yet inexpensive alternative when a permanent ramp is not feasible or available.
  • Designed for easy use with scooters, walkers and wheelchairs.
  • Easily add and remove sections to accommodate multiple thresholds.
  • Meets ADA guidelines.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

The primary factors that cause slip-and-fall injuries are structural integrity, slippery surfaces, poorly constructed handrails, and environmental factors, such as mud, ice, snow, grease, and oil. Aluminum access products are an ideal solution for a variety of reasons:

  • Safety. Made from a non-slip, non-rusting, aluminum surface that is OSHA-compliant, our aluminum wheelchair ramp systems provide excellent footing and traction to ensure wheelchair safety. Another safety feature inherent to aluminum is its heat conductivity. It will always stay cool to the touch in high temperatures.
  • Durability. Aluminum, unlike wood, will never split, rot, or warp from rain, snow or UV rays. Aluminum ramps and platforms do not need to be refinished, and require no scraping, sanding, painting or staining to keep them looking good. They are corrosion and rust free and extremely easy to maintain.
  • Strength. Aluminum is only 30% of the weight of steel buthas an extremely high tensile strength. That is why it’s used in aircraft frames, where light weight and strength are desirable.
  • Cost-Effective. Aluminum access systems are long-lasting and can be disassembled and moved to other locations, making them a practical, economical solution.
  • Green. Instead of sending your ramps and/or platforms to the landfill when they are no longer needed, aluminum can be recycled and reused indefinitely without losing any of its beneficial characteristics.

If you are looking for high-quality aluminum platforms and ramps to provide safe access, REDD Team has the optimal solution. Our aluminum systems are cost-effective, configured to meet your building code regulations, and provide for simple and painless installation.

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