When you need easy access to a modular building, mobile construction office, mobile home or office trailer, aluminum steps can provide it. They are a safe, sturdy and long lasting alternative to traditional wood stairs and a smart replacement for the wobbly ladders and stands you have probably used in the past.

REDD Team is a leading national manufacturer of high quality aluminum access products, such as aluminum stairs (OSHA and general code), walkways, ADA wheelchair ramps, aluminum pedestrian bridges, universal stair systems, aluminum stair towers and more. No matter what type of access solution you need, we can meet your most rigorous requirements.

Advantages of Aluminum Steps

Aluminum Office Trailer StepsMobile office trailers are often used by companies who need to set up an office quickly, in a temporary setting, or in a remote area. They are indispensable in the oilfield and mining, construction, military training, automotive, aerospace and numerous other industries. They are also essential as modular classrooms, mobile healthcare facilities, and commercial and recreational marine applications.

Aluminum stairs eliminate the need to build an access solution from scratch, making them extremely cost-effective. We offer universal designs in a variety of sizes, left or right facing, as well as customized configurations to meet your specific needs.

Our aluminum stairs are paint free, rust-resistant, non-magnetic, and non-sparking. They can be used for temporary access to trailers and modular buildings or be permanently installed as fixed industrial stairs. They are also fully compatible with our modular ramp solutions.

Stairs feature a non-slip surface, and are built with 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for structural strength. This makes them an excellent substitute for significantly heavier mild steel access systems.

Aluminum versus Wood or Steel Stairs

When wood and composite materials are exposed to changing weather conditions, they respond by absorbing water, rotting, cracking, warping or breaking. Aluminum, on the other hand, is incredibly strong and durable. It doesn’t absorb water and won’t rust, rot or crack. Its natural protective oxide coating enables it to withstand highly-corrosive settings, such as marine environments. It’s also impervious to termites and other pests that can damage wood.

In terms of strength, steel is stronger than aluminum, but also three times heavier. Aluminum is about three times heavier than wood, but also three times stronger, so an aluminum tube can withstand a very large load and weigh very little compared to a solid wood board of the same strength. This strength-to-weight ratio makes aluminum exceptionally useful for mobile stairs and ramps because they can be moved and reconfigured with ease.

Stairs made of wood or steel also require regular scraping, sanding, painting and sealing to keep them in working condition and looking good. Aluminum has a naturally attractive metallic surface that needs no additional finishing and will maintain its appearance for a lifetime. It can also be anodized, painted or powder-coated. In other words, aluminum steps are virtually maintenance free.

Last but not least, aluminum is an environmentally responsible and sustainable metal. It’s infinitely recyclable without suffering any degradation. Using recycled aluminum takes 95% less energy than using new material.

REDD Team is the original aluminum access solutions company. Our experienced engineering staff is available to assist you with the specific design requirements of the aluminum steps you need for your office trailer or other modular building. Call us today at (800) 648-3696 to find out how we can help.