Portable metal stairs are convenient for use in a wide range of applications, whether on the jobsite or as a means of entry and exit to/from site-built and modular offices, portable classrooms, mobile health clinics,  and so on. REDD Team’s aluminum stairs are a safe and durable alternative to conventional wood stairs or stairs constructed of steel or concrete.

Portable Metal StairsREDD Team has been designing and manufacturing premium-quality American-made aluminum access systems for over 25 years. Our temporary and permanent stairs are strong, flexible in design, easy to install, and designed to meet all required accessibility laws and building codes, such as OSHA, ADA, IBC, SBC, and BOCA. They can also be customized to your most exacting specifications.

Aluminum has proven itself as a lightweight, tough and affordable material. It is widely used for aircraft frames, window and door frames, innovative packaging, and is increasingly being used in the automotive industry to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.

But aluminum is naturally quite soft, and is typically alloyed with other metals to increase its strength and improve its other natural characteristics. REDD Team’s metal stairs, platforms, wheelchair ramps and other access products are fabricated from the 6000 series aluminum and alloy 6061-T6 for structural strength and toughness.

Alloy 6061-T6 responds well to anodizing and offers good finishing characteristics. It can also be easily welded and joined; however, its excellent extrudability allows for the creation of complex shapes and one-piece sections that minimize the need for mechanical joining.  This makes our stairs stronger and less likely to loosen over time.

Aluminum Stairs vs. Masonry, Wood and Steel

Wood and masonry stairs are low in material cost, but take longer to build and install than prefabricated metal stairs. Both concrete and wood have to be sealed regularly to protect them from the elements. This need for constant maintenance adds cost in the long run. And concrete and wood stairs are impossible to move when you need to relocate your mobile construction trailer or modular classroom.

It may be quicker to install steel stairs in comparison to wood or concrete, but steel is heavy to move and expensive to ship. Steel also requires ongoing maintenance; it has to be painted (and repainted) to protect it from rust and corrosion.

Aluminum stairs offer a number of advantages over any of these other materials. Its natural layer of aluminum oxide protects it from environmental damage. If scuffed or scratched, the oxide layer will repair itself. When you purchase aluminum stairs for your application, you will be able to use it as-is, with no scraping, sanding, painting, or additional finishing. Aluminum is virtually maintenance free.

REDD Team’s portable aluminum stairs are lightweight and less costly to ship than steel stairs. They will arrive ready to assemble and can be put together quickly. They feature a minimum of parts, with slip-in legs and rails that require no field welding. Stair legs can be adjusted to slopes and site variations. And they can be taken apart, moved to a new location and reconfigured at any time.

These platforms, stairs and ramps are workhorses for oil and gas, commercial, industrial and many other applications. They are a perfect material for use in regions with severe weather because aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance. Use them as entry and exit stairs, secondary access stairs, mezzanine access stairs, equipment access stairs, etc.

Our metal stairs and platforms are popular today in the rapidly expanding shale-oil and gas production industry. With the expansion of the Permian Basin, Midland Basin, Marcellus Shale, Haynesville Shale, Eagle Ford Shale, and so on, they save on construction costs without sacrificing design and quality.

REDD Team’s capabilities enable us to design portable metal stairs to meet any application need. Custom designs are our specialty, and we would be pleased to discuss your elevation, load requirements and unique site requirements. Get in touch with us at (800) 648-3696 to find out more.