An aluminum stairway is a quick and cost-effective way to add access to modular buildings, construction trailers, oil-shale man camps, field offices and a wide range of other applications. Our prefabricated outdoor metal stairs are durable and weather resistant, and will help prevent unnecessary job-site injuries.

REDD Team’s metal stair systems, walkways, and ramps are the ideal solution. Our access products are cost-effective, configured to meet your building code regulations, and are simple and quick to install. They meet or exceed OSHA and other building codes, and can accommodate the safety needs of your work crews.

Common-Sense Stair Safety Guidelines

Anyone, regardless of their age, is at serious risk of accidents when using stairs. In fact, according to OSHA, at least 15% of all deaths are caused by slips and falls, including those that occur on stairs. To protect your employees, vendors and visitors from stairway accidents, it’s important to implement strict stair safety guidelines.

  • Maintain proper lighting.Poor lighting on and around stairs increases the number of accidents. Workers need to see where they are going. Use proper lighting on walkways, staircases, ramps, construction areas and dock areas. Repair broken fixtures, switches and cords immediately. If you are aware that a walkway is poorly lit, make sure to keep it free of obstacles.
  • Eliminate slippery surfaces.Wet walking surfaces cause a significant portion of injuries, and traction on outdoor stairs can change suddenly as weather conditions change. Employees should be aware of spills and obstructions and be proactive in rectifying dangerous situations. If snow and ice are present and cannot be removed to treated, suspend use of the area. Use non-slip materials on stair treads and landings.
  • Avoid clutter.Injuries also result when workers trip over obstacles, clutter, materials and equipment in corridors and stairwells. When scrap material or waste is a regular by-product of your work operation, put a process in place to keep the area clear of debris. Avoid stringing cords, cables or hoses across stairways. Conduct periodic inspections for hazards.
  • Proper training.It’s easy for workers to be distracted by noises, by walking too fast or running, by carrying materials that obstruct their vision, by wearing sunglasses in low-light areas, and by using cell phones while climbing. With all the proper OSHA specifications in place, it is still vital for employees to be properly trained and follow basic safety rules when utilizing stairs.

Outdoor Metal StairsMetal stairs and platforms are useful for providing safe access to crossovers, roofs, mezzanines and other elevated, hard-to-reach areas. But don’t scrimp on quality or safety issues could increase.

REDD Team produces metal stair systems from 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for primary structural components. These outdoor metal stairs have excellent structural strength and toughness, good finishing characteristics and respond well to anodizing.

Many aluminum alloys gain strength from thermal treatment and aging. Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy conducts and dissipates heat well. And, since it can be extruded, it can be formed into almost any imaginable shape, making it ideal for the fabrication of stairs and walkways.

Accidents can happen to even the most experienced professionals. When it comes to construction site safety, it’s essential to understand the risks and plan accordingly. REDD Team provides prefabricated aluminum stairs and other solutions that will help you meet building code requirements. Contact us toll-free at (800) 648-3696 to find out more.