Accidents often lead to product or equipment destruction. Protect your investment in the industrial diesel generators or wellheads on your jobsite and the safety of your workers by choosing robust platforms, stairs, ramps and other aluminum access solutions that will ensure that work is done safely and effectively.

Industrial Diesel GeneratorsREDD Team is the original access solutions company. We have decades of expertise in the design, engineering and fabrication of products for a wide range of industries, including aviation, aerospace, construction, oil and gas drilling, commercial and industrial applications.

If you are looking for aluminum access platforms for Caterpillar generators, Kohler generators, or any other industrial generator system, please contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of industrial generator access products. We can also work with your team to provide customized access solutions.

Customers involved in oil and gas extraction in the Permian Basin, Midland Basin, Woodford Shale, Marcellus Shale, as well as in other locations such as Hobbs, NM, Williston, ND, Houston, TX, and Elk City, OK, also look to REDD Team for specialized platforms, crossover stairs and access ramps that enable workers to safely perform maintenance on wellhead components.

Generator Platforms 

Whether fixed or portable, industrial generators can weigh as much as 25 to 50 tons or more, and provide different amounts of output power. It’s not a simple feat for workers to access generator controls, perform maintenance or make repairs on a piece of valuable equipment that is 30 feet long and as high as a one-story building.

REDD Team aluminum stairways and platforms are designed to comply with OSHA regulations and can be self-supporting or directly mounted to the equipment for better access. If you need a customized stairway for generator control access, a stairway with a landing, or platforms with stairs that will help your workers access hard-to-reach areas, we offer durable and cost-effective solutions.

Wellhead Platforms

A wellhead is the structure at the top of a gas or oil well that provides pressure sealing as well as room for casing strings and tubing that is related to the well. Pumps and valves may be attached to regulate surface pressure and fluids inside the wellbore, and the wellhead has other functions depending on its application.

Worker access to the wellhead for maintenance is crucial. Scaffolding can be erected but there are drawbacks, including the time it takes to build it and certify it for safety. Scaffolding cannot be moved around easily, and it can be unstable on cold, frozen ground.

REDD Team can help you keep your well sites running at their optimal capacity by customizing strong but lightweight aluminum wellhead platforms, with or without stairways, to your specific needs.

Aluminum versus Steel

Consider these important factors when deciding between aluminum and steel access products:

  • Aluminum is lighter than iron and steel. Some aluminum alloys are in fact three times lighter, yet stronger, than some steel alloys, and access systems will retain their strength and flexibility under heavy loads. REDD Team utilizes 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for exceptional structural strength.
  • Aluminum platforms will resist any distortion caused by high winds or building movement, and will spring back from the shock of a large impact.
  • Aluminum alloys conduct heat well and stay cool to the touch on hot days. Aluminum’s thermal conductivity characteristics also cause it to increase in strength at low temperatures. This can be a huge advantage in freezing weather conditions on a drilling site that could cause a winter slowdown in production.
  • Aluminum has a naturally occurring layer of oxide that protects the metal from corrosion, even when unpainted. It is able to withstand highly-corrosive environments, such as marine environments and locations with harsh weather conditions.
  • Aluminum alloys are easily extruded, which means that major structural components can be engineered with fewer parts and in complex shapes. Aluminum platforms are easy to install and can be dismantled, moved and reassembled quickly.

Get in touch with REDD Team to find out more about our platforms and stairways for access to industrial diesel generators, drilling wellheads, and other industrial access solution capabilities.