REDD Team manufactures standard and custom aluminum access systems, including generator access, wellhead access, and other industrial maintenance platforms. These systems can be designed and engineered with many different options to meet your application requirements.

Generator Access PlatformsWe are the original safety access solutions company and offer a variety of products, including aluminum stairways, crossover stairs, walkway systems, pedestrian bridges, viewing platforms and aluminum ramps that meet or exceed OSHA specifications and most building codes.

When your application requires strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and maximum safety, an aluminum platform is an easily assembled and cost-effective solution.

Our American-made aluminum ramps and platforms provide safe working access to most sloped surfaces where anchoring is possible. They are ideal for temporary access between building levels, hilly terrain, gravel pits, earth retaining walls, road/rail embankments, and other hard-to-reach construction areas.

Whether you need a stairway to access generator controls, or platforms and stairs for ease of access and service, REDD Team can build self-supporting platforms or engineer them to be mounted to tanks.

If your workers need secure platform systems to perform maintenance on wellhead components on jobsites in the Permian Basin, Midland Basin and other oil and shale extraction areas, our aluminum solutions can improve weld accessibility and reduce open hole time and the size of your rig crew.

Platforms: Aluminum or Steel?

If you’re trying to decide between aluminum and steel industrial platforms, here are a few important factors to consider:

  • Aluminum is lighter than iron and steel. Some aluminum alloys are in fact three times lighter, yet stronger than, some steel alloys, and will retain their strength and flexibility under heavy loads. REDD Team utilizes 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for exceptional structural strength.
  • Aluminum has a naturally occurring layer of oxide that protects the metal from corrosion, even when unpainted. It is able to withstand highly-corrosive environments, such as marine environments and locations with harsh weather conditions.
  • Aluminum platforms will resist any distortion caused by high winds or building movement, and will spring back from the shock of a large impact.
  • Aluminum alloys get stronger at low temperatures without losing quality. This excellent thermal conductivity makes it the ideal material for cold weather applications. The metal also conducts heat well and stays cool to the touch.
  • The natural metallic surface of aluminum requires no finishing, but can be painted, anodized or powder-coated if your application calls for it. Steel, which has to be painted, can be more expensive than aluminum for this reason.
  • Aluminum is non-magnetic.
  • Aluminum is easily machined, cast, drawn and extruded. This means that major structural components can be engineered with fewer parts and in complex shapes. Aluminum platforms are easy to install and can be dismantled, moved and reassembled quickly.
  • Aluminum is virtually maintenance-free.

We are also proud of our environmentally friendly production process. Products are manufactured from raw material composed of about 25% post-consumer recycled aluminum. We recycle 100% of the aluminum scrap we generate onsite, and the platforms and other products can be completely recycled. Our facilities meet the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council and qualify for LEED credits.

REDD Team has the engineering, product development and manufacturing capabilities to take generator access platforms from design to prototype to production to meet your unique needs. Contact us at 800-648-3696 to find out more.