Whether you need to install metal stairs for modular building or classroom access, or you have a construction trailer or mobile office to bring in to OSHA compliance, REDD Team manufactures cost-effective aluminum stairs and other access products to fit any application.

REDD Team is the original aluminum access solutions company. From engineering and manufacturing to customization and shipping, our products emphasize simplicity of design and overall value for temporary or permanent use.


Aluminum Trailer StairsOur access systems are typically built from 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for structural strength. 6061 aluminum is one of the most versatile and least expensive aluminum alloys. It is heat-treatable and tough, conducts and dissipates heat well, and has a high resistance to corrosion, but is easy to weld and join.

6061-T6 gains additional strength from heat treatment. It also offers good finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing. Since this alloy can be extruded, it’s possible to form it into nearly any shape, making it excellent for fabricating stairs, ramps, platforms and bridges.

Stair Systems

REDD Team’s high quality aluminum stair systems can be easily installed with minimum parts and slip-in legs and rails; no field welding is required. All are constructed with stainless steel bolt hardware and durable, non-corrosive, non-combustible, maintenance-free aluminum. All exposed surfaces are smooth and free of sharp or jagged edges. Stair systems include a one-year warranty.

Dura-Grip General Code Stairs: These general code stairs meet IBC and ADA regulations and are ideal for access to both site-built and modular buildings. Design features include:

  • 60” x 60” landing width with 53” tread
  • Handles 100 psf live loads and concentrated vertical loads of 300lbs
  • Configurable in left, right or perpendicular access
  • 4, 5, 6 or 7 closed risers; 7”rise
  • 34” handrail height
  • Legs telescope to allow for various height adjustments
  • Slip-resistant, self-draining perforated deck
  • Total weight between 249 and 265 pounds 

Universal Stairs: Meeting a wide range of codes, such as IBC, BOCA and SREF, these stairs will provide portable access between construction site levels or scaffold levels, building stair towers, and access to modular and site-built buildings. They feature:

  • Prefabricated landings in typical 5’x 5’ sections
  • Prefabricated treads in typical 4’-2” width with ADA-compliant nosing and custom widths can be fabricated
  • 34” handrail height
  • Handles 100 psf live loads and concentrated vertical loads of 300lbs
  • Legs telescope to allow for various height adjustments
  • Effective on slopes, inclines and pitched roofs 

Dura-Grip OSHA Stairs: Designed to comply with OSHA and CAL-OSHA regulations, this aluminum stair is specifically designed for construction trailers, field offices and modular buildings. It features:

  • Landings and stairs handle 100 psf live loads and concentrated loads of 300lbs
  • Available in 2, 3 or 4-step configurations ranging from 25.5” to 35” based on code
  • Slip-resistant, self-draining interlocking aluminum deck
  • Open risers
  • 40” x 60” landing width with 32” tread
  • Landings pre-drilled for attachment to buildings
  • Total weight between 125 and 155 pounds

Flex-Step OSHA Stair: This is an adjustable stair that’s designed to bring construction trailers and field offices into OSHA compliance. It features:

  • 28″ or 35″ threshold
  • Field reversible handing
  • Fully reusable in either handing
  • Designed for 100psf live loads and concentrated loads of 300lbs
  • Durable slip-resistant and self-draining deck
  • Total weight 120 lbs
  • Available Grip Strut option

For industrial and commercial buildings, schools, modular buildings and marine facilities that need above-grade access, the set-up, breakdown, shipping and storage of our aluminum trailer stairs are quick and easy. They can also be dismantled and reused in other applications for exceptional value. Call us at 800-648-3696 to learn more.