No matter what industry you’re in, aluminum stairs should be a fundamental part of your workplace safety management. REDD Team has aluminum access solutions for sale to suit virtually any application.

We manufacture our aluminum stairs, ramps, walkways, platforms, pedestrian bridges and other products from aluminum for quality, safety, simplicity, versatility and overall value. From design and detailing to fabrication and shipping, we are capable of delivering a product line that will meet your need for quick onsite assembly.

Aluminum Stairs for SaleIn addition to OSHA standards, of course, there may be other building codes that will impact your project. Our aluminum stair systems also comply with these codes. They are ideal for portable building access and can be assembled in minimal time and adjusted to varying threshold heights.

  • International Building Code (IBC)
  • Building Officials Code Administrators International (BOCA)
  • State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF)
  • Uniform Building Code (UBC)
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)


Aluminum Stair Applications

Thanks to the characteristics of the metal, aluminum stairs are lightweight, strong, durable, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, and non-sparking.  Use them as temporary access stairways or permanently install them as fixed industrial stairs. Our products are available in a variety of sizes for use as equipment access stairs, egress stairs, secondary access stairs, and mezzanine access stairs. We can also custom-build a solution to fit your unique application.


Aluminum stairs and ramps improve fall protection, providing safe working access to most sloped surfaces where anchoring is possible. REDD Team Flex-Step OSHA Stair and Dura-Grip OSHA Stair systems are designed to meet OSHA safety standards. Use them as individual stairs or join them together for longer reach. They are suitable for temporary access between building levels, hilly terrain, gravel pits, earth retaining walls, road/rail embankments, and other hard-to-reach construction areas.

Oil, Gas and Mining

Aluminum stairs, ramps and walkways are ideal for use with modular man camps throughout the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, and other oil and shale extraction areas.  From offshore rigs to onshore drilling sites, the environment is often slippery from raw materials. Our aluminum access products enhance safety and can withstand the harsh conditions of any remote site.


With the boom in portable classrooms and modular education-related facilities at schools and universities nationwide, aluminum stairways and pedestrian walkways provide a safe, slip-resistant environment.  Constructed of 6000 series aluminum alloy with 6061-T6 for primary structural components, they are strong, durable, non-corrosive and low maintenance. For ADA-compliant wheelchair access to portable, modular or site-built structures, choose the REDD Team Universal Wheelchair Ramp System that can be reconfigured and relocated as needed.


Slips and falls are a common occurrence at amusement parks, waterfront facilities, zoos, sports facilities, public parks and resorts, so safety is paramount. Aluminum stairs and ramps are perfect for access in marinas and waterfront parks, or as vessel boarding ramps, where water causes slippery surfaces.  They also help you provide ADA-compliant access for visitors. Aluminum stairs are self-draining and slip-resistant. They also have excellent resistance to rust, but certain alloys and coatings will enhance the corrosion-resistant properties for even the most demanding environments.

REDD Team provides standard and custom access solutions for these and many other industries. We have slip resistant aluminum stairs, pedestrian bridges, wheelchair ramps, and many other products for sale that will become an essential component of any safety regimen. Get in touch with us at (800) 648-3696 to learn more.