Aluminium GangwaysWhen your application requires strength, corrosion resistance and safety, explore REDD Team’s aluminum gangways, ramps, pedestrian bridges and other aluminum access products and make aluminum work for you.

REDD Team by Sapa is a leading national manufacturer of high quality aluminum access products.  Whatever type of access you need, rest assured that we will meet your most exacting architectural specifications.

Typically, gangways refer to raised walkways or platforms that lock into place and allow pedestrians to walk safely from one point to another. They can be used to transition between modular buildings, to cross over trenches on a building site, to board and disembark boats and ships, to create passageways from land to a structure in the water on docks and marinas, and for a variety of other uses. Large gangways can also be designed to allow cars and trucks to board ships for offloading cargo.

Aluminum is at least half as strong as steel but only 1/3 the weight, yet handles heavy loads well. Our gangways and other access products are constructed from non-corrosive, non-combustible aluminum alloy 6061-T6, 6063-T5 and 6063-T6 for structural strength, and they are virtually maintenance free.

Strong, Durable, Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective

The benefits of our aluminum pedestrian bridges, ramps and gangways include:

  • Complex shapes can be extruded, reducing the number of mechanical joins (makes the frame components stronger and less likely to loosen over time);
  • Gangways 4 feet wide and under are designed for a uniform live load of 50 pounds per square foot; gangways over 4 feet wide are designed for a uniform live load of 85 pounds per square foot;
  • Railings are constructed as a free span truss design;
  • All exposed surfaces and welded joints are smooth and free of sharp or jagged edges;
  • Stainless steel hardware ensures long lasting performance;
  • Rollers are ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) with black ultra violet light inhibitor added;
  • Excellent thermal conduction; gangway stays cool to the touch;
  • Built for harsh and high-use environments;
  • Withstand high winds;
  • Decking materials include slip-resistant, self-mating extruded aluminum, wood or wood polymer composites;
  • Naturally beautiful;
  • Unlike steel, they do not require finish coating or painting;
  • Easy to install and adjust ;
  • Less expensive than other walkway solutions;
  • Can be quickly dismantled, relocated and reassembled elsewhere;
  • Infinitely recyclable, making aluminum very environmentally friendly.

Gangways can be manufactured to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards by including an exit ramp, two full-length handrails, aluminum kick plates to prevent sliding off the edge, and special accessibility grab-bars for wheelchair use.

Our access products are cost-effective, configured to meet your building code regulations, and offer simple and painless installation. All REDD Team aluminum safety products are constructed for strength, durability and safety, and feature a one year warranty. They also meet the guidelines of the U.S. Green Building Council and are appropriate for LEED credits.

Get in touch with us at (800) 648-3696 to find out more about our aluminum gangways and find a first-class solution to meet your needs.