REDD Team is the original aluminum access solutions company.  We can provide lightweight and portable access platforms, as well as portable aluminum stairs, walkways, ADA wheelchair ramps and aluminum pedestrian bridges that will meet your unique challenges.

Access PlatformsDesigned to stand the test of time, our aluminum access products are lighter and stronger than other materials you might choose, such as wood or steel. They resist distortion caused by wind and building movement, retain their strength and flexibility under heavy loads, and spring back from the shock of impact.

They are also straight and consistent in size, unlike wood and composite products, and have the benefit of being virtually maintenance-free. Because of their light weight, they can be easily moved from one location to another when the need arises.

Custom-made access solutions are one of REDD Team’s specialties. Elevations, load requirements and site requirements can be easily addressed, whether you need an adjustable platform/stair system to move from one job site to another, or a viewing platform to accommodate special needs guests in a public venue.


  • Maintenance Platforms – If you manufacture any type of product in a large facility, it’s likely that your workers will have access problems when they need to accomplish a task at height.  This also applies to the maintenance of conveyors and machinery safely from above. Our aluminum platforms offer the solution to these and other challenges.
  • Aluminum Walkways – When you need high-level access to factory roofs, building atriums, theater infrastructures and other hard-to-reach areas, our modular walkways provide a simple, cost-effective solution. They are versatile enough for the most demanding of locations, lightweight, and easy to assemble and disassemble when needed.
  • Aircraft Platforms – In the aircraft maintenance business, technicians can have difficulty reaching areas of the aircraft to service it. REDD Team can work with you to design safe, easy-to-use platforms and stairs to your specifications that can be used with commercial, business and military fixed wing or rotary aircraft.
  • Crossover Platforms – When your jobsite has narrow aisles or equipment or pipes that workers need to climb over, crossover platforms can be customized to suit your specific application and environment. In remote locations, such as the Permian Basin, Midland Basin and other oil and shale extraction areas, they provide safe access to sloping surfaces, such as between building levels, hilly terrain, gravel pits, earth retaining walls, road/rail embankments, and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Marine Platforms – Aluminum has many benefits in a marine environment because it resists rust and corrosion. Aluminum platforms are the ideal choice when your industrial, commercial, municipal or recreational business or workplace requires platforms, ramps and walkways for safety purposes.

Benefits of Aluminum

There is no single material that is ideal for every situation, but aluminum offers some distinct advantages for access systems. Aside from its light weight and exceptional strength, products that are constructed from aluminum are rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-flammable and non-combustible.

Aluminum versus wood:

  • is equally strong but substantially lighter, making it easier to move ramps and platforms
  • requires no maintenance at all if properly powder-coated
  • will not rot or splinter, warp when it gets wet, or dry out and crack
  • will maintain its shape in spite of temperature extremes

Aluminum versus steel:

  • has a naturally occurring thin layer of oxide that protects it from corrosion even when it’s not painted
  • is three times lighter yet can be equally strong if the correct alloy is used
  • is nonmagnetic
  • can be easily machined, cast, drawn and extruded

REDD Team has earned an unsurpassed reputation for safety and reliability. We can deliver aluminum platforms to solve your jobsite and building access problems. Contact us toll-free at (800) 648-3696 to find out more.